Our Process

Getting to Know You

Here is where we get to know each other. We explain the process we follow, find out your needs, and make sure we can meet them. You can ask about our background, how we work, and how we charge. We discover your dreams and visions, identify your short- and long-term financial goals. This stage serves as a foundation for developing your plan.

Design & Commit

We will take a good look at your position, your assets, liabilities, insurance coverage, and investment or tax strategies. Together we will discuss the possible course of action and design your advice specifically for you. At the end of this meeting, we will decide how to proceed.

Game Plan

We show you what you can achieve and how, by recommending suitable strategies, products, and services, and answer any questions you have. From here, we agree on a plan of action to launch your exciting new future.

Making It Happen

Once you are ready to go ahead, your financial plan will be put into action. Where appropriate, we may work with specialist professionals, such as an accountant or solicitor. To make the implementation of your plan as easy as possible, our team will handle all the paperwork and transaction details on your behalf.

Review & Achieve

This is an essential part of the process towards achieving your goals. Your circumstances, lifestyle and financial goals are likely to change over time, so we will regularly review your plan, adapting it to your changing circumstances. Our active approach will keep you accountable and focused.